Friday, October 9, 2009

Austin Newborn Photographer | meet.miles

He's new here.....

He comes with his own (impossibly sweet!) entourage.....

These two....what a pair!

Happy Weekend, all!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


A little father's Day tribute.....

(and I have to give props to the originator of the idea....but can't remember who it was. Please know it *was not* my idea, but simply my take on the genius. I've waited a whole year to put this together!

Also? Not sleeping that much :D)

Saturday, January 17, 2009


bad, bad blogger.
that's me.
no time for more right now, but here' s a early look for the big fam from a bit back.....
enjoy....the gallery should be up by the morning!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


I had the pleasure of spending a recent morning with this adorable little guy. He was FULL of energy! We checked out the pumpkins, took a walk, and left no corner of the place unexplored. Below is a preview slideshow for L's family. Enjoy!


Have a great day, everyone!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My baby girl completed another trip around the big star.....Of course I couldn't let the occasion pass without a super-sappy photo montage thing of her year in pictures....
In other news I have a *ton* of fun stuff to share from recent sessions.....but that will have to wait until another day...
Go kiss your babies....

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

LIVE! { Austin Children's Photographer }

Finally, *finally* the new site is up and running! The music still isn't working quite right, so it's a little quiet, but that's ok.

Above is a screenshot of the new splash page, featuring our splash image winners. The circle on the left takes you to the flash site that has automated slideshows and lots of fading in and out and color-shifting. This section is recommended for high-speed internet connections. The center button links directly to the Eavesdrop blog, and the circle on the right takes you to the HTML site, which is the same as the flash, with less motion and.....flash, lol. This section is recommended for dial-up internet connections, so you don't get frustrated waiting for the images to load.
From now on all proofing will be done through this site, so so much easier!

Go on and click on the link there to the right. Take a might see a familiar face or two ;)

This beautiful young lady will be our new-site-proofing-section-guinea pig. Isn't she gorgeous? We had a great time at the park a while back, and even though she's already seen these, I still wanted to share her beauty with everyone.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Detailed info on the 2008 Holiday Mini-Sessions can be found below, but here are the high points of the package:

When: Saturday, November 1, 2008 beginning at 8:15 and running until 3:15.
Where: a super-secret creekside location within the city limits
Cost: $275

20 minutes of photography time
5-10 proofs presented in a private online gallery
25 custom-designed cards
your choice of any 3 print units
10% off of any and all other products we offer

Session and Proofing
Your reserved slot includes 20 minutes of photography time for a single session type. Due to the limited time, I will focus on capturing the type of session images you specify: single child, OR siblings, OR family, up to four people. As time allows (and children cooperate!) I MAY be able to get some additional images, but I can't guarantee that in this timeframe. Each additional person over the original four will add $25 to the session fee, and the entire session fee is required to reserve your timeslot and card design.

Your proofs will be presented to you in a private, password-protected gallery that only you can see. I guarantee at least 5 proofs, but there may be more than 10.

Holiday Cards
Your mini-session includes 25 custom-designed cards with envelopes. I've designed 20 cards, all in 5x7 flat format, and each card design will only be sold once ensuring that all clients get unique designs. You will choose your design when you book your session, and then choose your image(s) when you see your proofs. Cards are press-printed on heavy card stock through my professional lab. These are NOT printed on photographic paper - the result is similar to a high-end greeting card. Each card comes with a coordinating back that has a spot for one small image. One revision is included in the price after the initial viewing of your card with your chosen image(s). You have the option of choosing linen, pearl, or glossy finish for your printed cards. Additional sets of 25 cards can be purchased for 10% off the regular list price. (Contact me for more information if you don't have a copy of the 2008 Price and Products List.)

The 20 designs are shown below.

Gift Prints
Your mini-session also includes 3 photographic print units to keep for yourself or to give as gifts. A print unit is one mounted 8x10, OR two 5x7s, OR four 4x6s, OR eight wallets. You may choose any combination of these units to make up your three. Additional prints, albums, canvases, and storyboards are available for 10% off the regular list price.

I'm sure there are other questions that will pop up, and I'll try to address those in future posts. Until then, check your calendars and reserve your time!